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Florida National Guard Soldier and Family Resources

Ready & resilient (R2) Program: FLARNG R2 programs are delivered state-wide to increase resilience, enhance performance, reduce risk, and prevent suicide among service members and their Families.
• Program Manager: (904) 682-4403 

Suicide Prevention Program: The Florida National Guard has a trained Suicide Prevention Program Manager (SPPM) to provide direction and coordination for all Florida National Guard suicide prevention program activities.
• Program Manager: (904) 682-4420 

Psychological Health Coordinators: The PSYCHOLOGICAL WELLNESS PROGRAM has licensed clinicians that provide professional consultation and ongoing case management support to meet the needs of the service members. The PWP is professionally staffed to provide resourcing support for guardsmen on all levels including crisis management. The PSYCHOLOGICAL HEALTH COORDINATORS (PCP) are available 24/7/365 to allow access by service members, Commanders, Chaplains, and other providers and potential resources. THE PSYCHOLOGICAL WELLNESS PROGRAM is VOLUNTARY, CONFIDENTIAL, PROFESSIONALLY STAFFED and FREE.
• TOLL FREE ACCESS PORTAL: (855) -910-5000
• Lead Psychological Health Coordinator: (904) 315-4491
• Psychological Health Coordinators: (904) 495-5820 

Substance Abuse Program (SAP): The Florida National Guard has a substance abuse prevention outreach and treatment program that provides Soldiers with treatment, counseling and referral services to address potential drug and alcohol problems.
• Alcohol and Drug Control Officer (ADCO): (714) 943-1867
• SAP Prevention Coordinators: (407) 541-0655; (407) 541-0658; (407) 650-4300 ext. 1341 

Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR): ESGR, a Department of Defense program, is comprised of dedicated and trained volunteers and staff. We will develop and promote employer support for Guard and Reserve service by advocating relevant initiatives, recognizing outstanding support, increasing awareness of applicable laws, and resolving conflict between employers and service members.
• Support Coordinator: (904) 823-0336 

Florida Employment Support Program (FLESP): FLESP provides employment assistance to members, spouses and veterans of the Florida National Guard. Our employment coaches provide personalized services and support to enhance participants' abilities to obtain and retain meaningful employment.
• Program Manager: (850) 356-1196 

Survivor Outreach Services (SOS): Survivor Outreach Services provides long-term support to surviving Families of Fallen Soldiers, ensuring they remain a valued member of the Army Family.
• Program Coordinator: (904) 823-4744 ext. 8821 

Sexual Harassment and Assault Response Program (SHARP): A victim-centered program designed to increase awareness through prevention and education while providing support, intimidation-free reporting, thorough investigation and accountability for those who commit sexual crimes.
• Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC): (904) 823-0331 

Family Programs: Provides services and support to Guardsmen and their Families through readiness, assistance and child and youth programs.
• Family Programs 24/7 Hotline: (800) 226-0360
• State Family Programs Director: (904) 823-0596 

Yellow Ribbon Program: Provides information, briefings and service referrals to all service members, Families, employers and youth throughout each cycle of deployment.
• Deployment Cycle Support Chief: (904) 827-8528 

Full-time Support Chaplain / Strong Bonds: Strong Bonds helps strengthen and enhance relationships and provides spiritual resiliency to our military. A full-time support Chaplain provides counseling and spiritual guidance at the state level.
• State Full-time Support Chaplain: (904) 823-0105 

Transition Assistance: The Transition Assistance Advisors (TAAs) assist/support Service Members, Veterans, Military Spouses, and other Family Members with the full spectrum of federal and state Benefits, Entitlements, Counseling, and Resources during all Transition periods/points. These areas include Disabled Veteran Benefits, Education and Training, Physical and Mental Health, Health and Life Insurance, Employment Assistance, Financial Assistance, Legal Assistance, Career Change Assistance, Relocation Assistance, and DoD Records.
• TAAs: David (Dave) Kennett – (202) 987-3864; Christopher Altman – (202) 987-3913 

Military Funeral Honors: Through a cooperative effort with several organizations, the FLARNG provides ongoing support to service members and Families through military funeral honors, casualty assistance and survivor outreach services.
• Program Office: (904) 823-0630 

Staff Judge Advocate: FLARNG Judge Advocates provide full-service legal support to Soldiers and their Families, both in the U.S. and overseas.
• Judge Advocate: (904) 823-0132 

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (24/7): 1-800-342-9647 

MilitaryOneSource 24/7 Hotline: 1-800-273-8255