Florida Armory Revitalization Program



The Florida Armory Revitalization Program (FARP) has renovated the aging Florida Army National Guard armories making them safe, modern, within code, and energy efficient, ensuring mission support for the next 25 years.

THE GOAL: Appropriate sufficient funding to complete the renovation of 52 armories by 2016. Fifty armories have been renovated or are being renovated by the end of 2015. 

This funding will accomplish three critical goals:

  • Jobs: Armory renovations provide economic benefit in communities during construction. Armories provide ongoing economic growth through full-time and part-time jobs, resulting in economic impact to the local community.
  • Savings: Renovated armories have been designed to modern standards and are more energy efficient, and therefore, more cost effective to operate.
  • Duty: The National Guard armory is the foundation of readiness to respond to state emergencies and federal deployments. The armory supports training, administrative and logistical requirements.