83rd Troop Command


Col. Jason Hunt - Commander, 83rd TC
Command Sgt. Maj. Miguel Hernandez - Command Sergeant Major, 83rd TC



The 83rd Troop Command’s motto “We do it all, every time” has never been more applicable than in 2023. The 83 TC executed an unprecedented amount of State Active Duty (SAD) missions this year, including the continuation of the Department of Corrections augmentation, Operation Vigilant Sentry providing aviation support to immigration interdiction in the Florida Keys, and Hurricane Idalia response.

1-111th AVN: The 1st Battalion, 111th Aviation Battalion “MAKO Battalion” welcomed the new year with several dynamic and complex operations to ensure the safety of Florida’s citizens. The MAKOS were called upon to secure the littorals throughout Florida by providing vigilant aerial patrols ensuring the integrity of the nation’s most Southern boundaries. The 1-111th AVN BN response effort activated 12 aircraft covering 588 miles of Florida’s border, resulting in over 2,500 flight hours and 450 migrant rescues from various countries. The mission is still ongoing. Additionally, 2023 hurricane season activated the MAKOS in support of Hurricane Idalia, where pre-positioning of assets enabled immediate aerial damage assessments to state and local authorities identifying needs of the counties. The MAKO Battalion executed over 70 flight hours throughout four coastal counties, engaging in humanitarian mission sets. The MAKOs demonstrated the organization’s dedication to safeguarding lives, protecting property, and ensuring the nation’s security in the face of natural disasters and border defense challenges.

44th & 48th CSTs: The 44th and 48th Weapons of Mass Destruction-Civil Support Teams (WMDCSTs) missions are to defend the Homeland from a WMD threat or attack. Comprised of 22 full-time Army and Air Guard service members per team, the CSTs are postured to provide 24/7 support, to conduct crisis and consequence management operations anywhere in the nation. The 44th and 48th CSTs' missions require them to work extensively with our civilian emergency management (EM) partners. The highlights include four Collective Lanes Training (CLT), one State Partnership Program mission, 20 Collective Training Exercises (CTE), to include Operation Mobile Bay, a multi- CST exercise; 50 steady state missions to include two Daytona missions, two Disney Marathon Joint Hazard Assessment (JHAT) missions, and over 20 support missions for a variety of NFL, college football and bowl games. With the mass amount of training, DSCA missions, real world missions and steady state missions, both CST are always ready to respond to WMD events in support of our nation’s citizens.

2-111: The 2-111th Aviation Regiment (AOB) successfully conducted their Aviation Resource Management Survey achieving an overall score of 91%. In March of 2023, soldiers provided air traffic services for over 700 air movement operations of civilian and military airframes. The 2-111th AOB continues to support local civilian agencies and joint force entities, providing short-term air traffic services for over 600 air operations within North Florida.

448th: The 448th Chemical Battalion continued progress towards Federal Recognition. The West Palm Beach Armory continues to improve as the renovation progresses. The vault is in place, the property book is being filled out, and recruiting efforts are steadily adding Soldiers to the manning roster. The focus is on individual skills training as new soldiers enter the force structure. The Chemical Battalion supported efforts for Hurricane Idalia and culminated the year supporting the C2 and decontamination mission for the CERFP EXEVAL in September of 2023.


2&3/54 SFABs: Training year 2023 proved to be an incredibly productive year for the 2/54 and 3/54 Security Force Assistance Battalions (SFAB). Both SFABs increased readiness and capability through the completion of a multi-battalion Training Readiness Assessment Program (TRAP) and other rigorous training events. The FL SFAB teams continued to augment Active Component employments across the world in support of the Global Security Force Assistance mission set. In October 2022, Company Advisor Team (CAT) 6210 deployed to Columbia to provide mission support and training to the Colombian Organizacion Conat (Counter-narcotics) Division Headquarters. Maneuver Advisor Team (MAT) 6212 deployed to Kenya to provide mission support and training to the Armed Forces of Djibouti and Kenya, and MAT 6321 deployed to Tunisia to increase security partnership cooperation. In April 2023, Battalion Advisor Team (BAT) 6200 and MAT 6323 deployed to the SOUTCHCOM AOR to provide mission support and training to Honduras, Panama, Ecuador, and Guyana. MATS 6232 and 6331 deployed to Africa to provide mission support and training to the Armed Forces of Kenya and the Tunisian National Army facilitating security assistance and cooperation missions on the continent.

SOD-C: Special Operations Detachment Central (SOD-C) (Airborne) continued to focus on its core essential tasks of deployment and staff augmentation by supporting the Florida National Guard State Partnership Program intelligence analysis training event in Barbados, augmentation to the South Florida Migration Support Mission, and activation in response to hurricane Idalia recovery and relief operations. SOD-C deployed forces to Oman for the Central Command crisis response exercise, Invincible Sentry 2023. This exercise integrated and synchronized host nation special operations forces, conventional military, and interagency partners with United States tactical units, providing response contingencies to the Joint Staff and interagency level. SOD-C also provided augmentation to 1st Special Forces Command’s Mission Rehearsal Exercise 23.04 at the Special Operations Mission Training Center, Fort Liberty, North Carolina. SOD-C supported concept integration of United States Special Operations Forces, Cyber, and Space capabilities into the Joint Special Operations Task Force – Contingency in preparation for training special operations role in Large-Scale Combat Operations. As one of the Florida Army National Guard’s most senior units, SOD-C saw several members retire and the integration of new members in its preparation for federal mobilization and deployment planned for 2024.

3/20 SFG(A): 3rd Battalion 20th Special Forces Group (Airborne) began the year with the successful Deployment of more than 150 Soldiers to Africa. Bravo Company completed Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat and Charlie Company completed individual Operational Detachment Alpha training, which covered a variety of scenarios including heavy weapons training, improvised explosive device familiarization, strike cell operations, explosive and mechanical breaching, prolonged field medical care, communication equipment training, and mission analysis. Our Training Company also conducted 10 Special Forces Readiness Evaluations and Special Forces Candidate Programs, sending over 50 Soldiers to selection and the Special Forces Qualification Course. We participated in the Boss Lift for the Florida Army National Guard, showing our gratitude for the support employers have for the Soldiers.