Counterdrug Program



For 25 years, the Florida National Guard has managed the premier counterdrug program in the nation; assisting law enforcement agencies and community based-organizations in their efforts to reduce the supply of, and demand for, illegal drugs. The Florida Counterdrug Program implements intelligence driven, effects-based operations to ensure personnel and resources are leveraged in support of Counterdrug operational objectives and interagency partner initiatives. The program executes its support role through the implementation of the following four mission sets: Analytical Support, Reconnaissance, Training, and Civil Operations.

Analytical Support: Counterdrug analysts focus on four core competencies: link analysis, document exploitation, commodity/financial transaction analysis, and drugtrafficker case construction. Counterdrug analysts create graphs, charts and maps and analyze toll and financial transactions in order to develop case files on suspected drugtrafficking individuals and organizations. They also develop and maintain operational criminal intelligence databases to develop reports for prosecutorial purposes.

Reconnaissance: Counterdrug aerial and ground intelligence driven operations facilitate interdiction efforts and conduct pattern of life analysis. These reconnaissance assets focus on known and alleged transshipment corridors, intermodal transportation hubs, and port of entry infrastructures where suspected transnational criminal organizations operate. Counterdrug surface assets perform area observation by land or water to detect and report illegal drug activities. Additionally, Counterdrug aerial assets conduct state-of-the-art reconnaissance of airspace, maritime, or surface areas.

Training: The Multijurisdictional Counterdrug Task Force training program provides comprehensive training to Combatant Commands, Department of Defense personnel, federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, on subjects targeting transnational organized crime, counter-narcotics and narco-terrorism. Counterdrug military and civilian instructors plan and conduct courses at the Camp Blanding Joint Training Center campus and at St. Petersburg College at no cost to the student. Training can also be delivered via mobile training teams anywhere in the country and through distance learning, and can be custom developed to meet any agency need.

Civil Operations Program: Counterdrug Civil Operations Program provides coalition support and development to antidrug coalitions throughout all 67 Florida counties. Through embedded partnership with Counterdrug community-based organizations, the Civil Operations Program assists local leaders in developing and resourcing initiatives designed to reduce drug use in the community through education and interdiction.