Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program



No one should embark on a deployment or see a loved one deploy without first knowing the benefits, resources, and contacts to navigate the deployment cycle.

This is the philosophy of the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program, a legislatively mandated program that helps Service Members and their Families in the National Guard connect with their local support community before, during, and after deployments.

About Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program Events

Minimize deployment stress and uncertainty by attending a local Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program event. All National Guard and Reserve Components hold events and activities to give you and your loved ones valuable information on benefits, services, and resources that are available before, during and after the deployment.

Did you know...

National Guard mandates its members to attend, and Family members are strongly encouraged to attend as well. Even children can participate in events where resource vendors and Child & Youth programs are provided.

If your chain of command approves, you may attend another Unit or Service Component's Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program event if your unit's event is too far away. Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program events provide the same information regardless of the Service Component or unit affiliation. To attend another unit's event, ask your chain of command for permission and register for the event near you.

Your Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program Event Coordinator has the most up-to-date and accurate information about the program and its benefits. Office: 904-823-0156

Pre-deployment Events

Attendees receive useful information to assist with the challenges of extended separation and deployment.

Who may attend: Service Members and Families

What to expect: Information, resources and services to help Service members and their Families plan ahead for deployment and/or mobilization. Subject matter areas may include financial preparation, emotional health, household support, deployment safety, and other strategies to help you and your Family transition into the deployment phase.

During Deployment Events

During the deployment of the Service member, these events provide information, resources, and services specifically to Families, and/or employers of deployed/mobilized Service Members.

Who may attend: Family members as determined by your Service.

What to expect: During Deployment Events focus on addressing challenges and stressors associated with separation that National Guard Families may experience, while providing an opportunity for Families to connect with one another.

Post Deployment Events

Who may attend: Service Members and Families

What to expect: Attendees can look forward to information and services related to reintegration. These include mental health counseling, marriage and family counseling, employment services, VA services, medical services (i.e. TBI treatment), legal services including those related to employment, and education services.

When a Loved One Deploys

As a military spouse or Family member, you make tremendous sacrifices, too. Seeing a loved one embark on a long separation isn't easy, and you shouldn't try to go it alone. That's why the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program isn't just for Service Members – it's for Families too, providing services, resources, and information to help you handle deployment and weather the challenges that arise when there is one less parent, spouse or provider in your household due to deployment. In fact, During Deployment Events are made just for you.

Who qualifies as "Family"?

Any designated individual can attend a yellow ribbon event to support a service member. Most often, this will be spouses, parents, siblings, and children of a service member. Other individuals, such as roommates, boyfriends/girlfriends, or mentors are also welcome to support service members at yellow ribbon events.

a) See if you may attend as a Family member or Designated Individual, and

b) Find out if your attendance will be funded.

Some things you can expect from attending a Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program event are:

Points of contact to valuable resources in your community

Coping strategies and tips for dealing with your loved one's separation

Information about benefits and entitlements you may have earned through your loved one's service

Connecting with other Families who share the same experiences

Awareness and information you can use as you help your loved one reintegrate into civilian life after deployment

Attending a Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program event can strengthen your Family for the changes that occur while your loved one is deployed and after they return. To learn about the Deployment Cycle and how it may affect your Family, click here. provides information on a wide variety of topics. A few highlights are re-connecting with family and friends, kids and deployment, depression, anger, and stress management. Each topic has four components: Assessments (no personal identification required), Workshops, Spotlight Clips and Resource Library.