Investigations (AR 15-6, CID, or Commander's Inquiry)

If you are questioned by an investigating officer, CID agent, your chain-of-command, or any other person in connection with an investigation of allegations of criminal conduct, or if anyone reads you your Miranda rights or Article 31 rights, you have the right to refuse to make a statement; and in that instance, the only statement you should make is the following: "I do not waive my right to silence. I want an attorney. I want to leave." If the person wishes to search you or your property without a Command Search Authorization or Search Warrant, say: "I do not consent to any searches."

You have the right:

  • To remain silent.
  • To be told what criminal act you are suspected or accused of doing.
  • To be told that any statements you make (oral or written) can and will be used against you.
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