Educational Dollars for Duty


‘Educational Dollars for Duty’ helps pay tuition for Florida Guard

EDD Mailbox:

If you are a Florida National Guard member pursuing a higher civilian education level, you may be eligible for state funding to help pay up to 100 percent of your tuition.

The “Educational Dollars for Duty” (EDD) program is available for Florida National Guard Soldiers and Airmen, and can provide public tuition for the period of the Guard member’s service. If you meet the eligibility requirements, EDD can be used for courses that lead toward a Technical Certificate, Associate’s, Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree. EDD cannot be used toward a Doctorate Degree.

This EDD program is established by Florida Statute and the annual budget is over $5 million. The primary purposes of the program are to enhance the Recruiting and Retention Programs of the Florida National Guard and improve the education level of Florida National Guard members.

For those qualifying for the program and attending Florida colleges and public universities, tuition will be paid at 100 percent of the charged resident rate. For those attending accredited private institutions, EDD will provide funds at the highest current state resident rate, and Guard members will be responsible for any difference between what EDD pays and the charged rate.

“One great benefit of being a member of the Florida National Guard is the state-funded Education Dollars for Duty. Over 16,000 Soldiers and Airmen have taken advantage of this valuable incentive which includes coverage of Associate’s Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees as well as numerous certifications and licensing programs,” said Major General Haas, Adjutant General.

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