164th Air Defense Artillery Brigade


Col. Adam Curry - Commander, 164th ADA
Command Sgt. Maj.  Onel Labeach - Command Sergeant Major, 164th ADA



The mission of the 164th Air Defense Artillery (ADA) Brigade (BDE) is to organize, train, and equip its units for mobilization in support of both federal and state missions. This involves preparing forces to respond effectively to a range of national defense and state emergency requirements. The 164th ADA is not just relevant but critical as the BDE operates in all three levels of war: tactical, operational and strategic.

It has been a noteworthy year for the 164th ADA Brigade as Soldiers have remained resolute in their commitment to cohesiveness, rigorous training, discipline, and physical fitness at all levels. Over the past year, they demonstrated their versatility and dedication by supporting crucial deployments both domestically and abroad, committing to advanced training and readiness and playing a significant role in humanitarian and disaster relief efforts.

In January 2023, Soldiers participated in pre-mobilization annual training at Camp Blanding Joint Training Center (CBJTC), Fla. Their training included a live-fire exercise (LFX), Visual Aircraft Recognition (VACR) testing, crew drills, cover and concealment tactics, and Stinger maneuver drills. Immediately following the successful completion of their training, over 70 Soldiers with A Battery, 3-265th ADA Battalion (BN) deployed to Central Europe to provide Short Range Air Defense capabilities as part of Operation Assure Deter and Reinforce. While deployed, Soldiers supported numerous joint exercises to strengthen relationships and commitments with US NATO allies.

Simultaneously, Task Force Atlas deployed in January for its eighth rotation to the National Capital Region Integrated Air Defense Systems mission in support of Operation Noble Eagle. Their mission at the Joint Air Defense Operations Center (JADOC) is to provide Command and Control of systems responsible for defending the Washington D.C. airspace from hostile aerial threats by combining air-to-air and ground-to-air missile defense assets.

April proved to be a productive month filled with valuable training opportunities as the brigade conducted annual training (AT) at CBJTC. During AT, 3-116th FA BN conducted Section Qualification during a LFX utilizing the M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System. Multiple Launch Rocket System Crewmembers support infantry and tank units by supplementing cannon artillery during combat. Keeping their skills up-to-date and sharp is essential to maintaining operational readiness. Their capstone events included a three-day Field Training Exercise (FTX) and Top Gun competition. The FTX simulated Large Scale Combat Operations (LSCO) in Florida with the Avenger Weapon System and MANPADS used to live track and engage multiple Unmanned Aerial Systems. In Europe, Soldiers were also honing their skills as 1st Platoon, A/3-265th ADA conducted a Multinational Avenger Cross Training Night Fire in Latvia. This exercise applied stinger team tactics, techniques, and procedures in a low-visibility real world scenario.

Soldiers participated in British NATO JTAC Training, a cross-training event created by 1/A/3- 265th ADA and British pilots in Latvia. This event was a true test of precision, competence and collaboration as Avenger teams were able to track and engage high-flying, fast-moving Typhoon Eurofighters with simulation missiles. This event was followed by a similar training event alongside NATO Allied Armed Forces, resulting in a shared understanding and overall enhancement of air defense capabilities throughout Europe.

In May, two Soldiers with 2/A/3-265th competed in Baltic Warrior 23 in Latvia. Baltic Warrior is the largest military endurance race in the Baltic Theater. The event tested the participants’ physical and mental resilience and included a 22 km ruck march with a backpack weighing a minimum of 15 kg, 2 km of walking with a canoe weighing approximately 35 kg, and 11 km of rafting on the Gauja River.

In June, A/3-265th joined American, Latvian, and Lithuanian armed forces for Exercise Baltic Zenith in Jurmalciems, Latvia. The short-range air defense exercise consisted of NATO armed forces specializing in short-range anti-aircraft systems conducting joint training to ensure readiness while enhancing air defense capabilities and interoperability across Europe.

In August, Soldiers with 2/A/3-265th had the honor of participating in a Spur Ride. This Cavalry tradition tested their ability to operate as part of a team under high levels of stress and fatigue under day and night conditions. The events included the Army Combat Fitness Test, calling for artillery fire, vehicle recovery, tactical combat casualty care, and tactical communication operations. Soldiers serving with Cavalry units are inducted into the Order of the Spur after completing a Spur Ride and earning their silver spurs.

As the 164th Air Defense Artillery Brigade concludes another remarkable year, their unwavering dedication to national defense, international collaboration, and humanitarian efforts remains a testament to their resilience and commitment. With a proud history and a promising future, the Storm Brigade stands ever-ready to defend the skies and answer the call of duty wherever and whenever the need arises.