Survivor Outreach Services



Support Coordinators: The loss of a loved one often results in tremendous grief, which can be overwhelming. When faced with a tragedy, you may be wondering what direction to take. Your SOS Coordinator is your link to finding the resources and answers that will work best for you. If you have a question, a problem, or an issue, contact your SOS Coordinator.  Your Coordinator will also monitor your important milestone events that might change your benefits and notify you months ahead of the change.  Your local Support Coordinator is available to meet with you as you journey through this difficult transition by providing direct services as well as information, referrals, and recommendations. He or she can also connect you with support groups, spiritual resources, and bereavement and financial counselors. Your SOS Coordinator can also help you request and obtain copies of documents, navigate local, state, and federal agencies, and direct you to additional Survivor resources.

For more information about Army Survivor Outreach Services, contact your nearest SOS Coordinator, or visit or call toll-free (833) 313-1960.

St. Augustine Area: (904) 472-7689

Tallahassee Area: (850) 459-6630

Camp Blanding Area: (904) 263-2920

Orlando & Tampa Bay Area: 803-751-9777 M-W-F, cell 910-929-6376, T-Th

Miami Area: (305) 437-2178