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Brig. Gen. Paul Chauncey - Commander, 83rd TC
Command Sgt. Maj. David Lanham - CSM, 83rd TC

Year in Review - 2016

The 83rd Troop Command (TC), known as the “Capital City Spartans,” is a diverse organization focused on operational readiness and training in order to support both federal and domestic missions. Units in the 83rd TC perform a multitude of tasks from sky diving to building, all while executing their federal and state missions.

This year, the 3rd Battalion, 20th Special Forces Group deployed Soldiers to eight different operations in 15 countries in support of contingency operations in the African Command, Central Command and Southern Command areas of operations. Alpha and Charlie Companies completed Special Forces Advance Urban Combat Training in preparation for their upcoming deployments, while the Battalion Support Company and Forward Support Company conducted a week of airborne operations with the 185th Assault Helicopter Battalion.

The 779th Engineer Battalion conducted training and supported the 1st Battalion, 111th (1-111th) Aviation Regiment pre-mobilization training by providing trainers for Army Warrior Tasks and opposing force during exercises in an urban terrain, along with tactical convoy training. The 869th Engineer Company provided Soldiers to build two clinics and two schools in communities in Guatemala supporting the “Beyond the Horizons” Exercise, and also provided engineer construction support to the Special Operations Dive School in Key West. The 868th Engineer Company trained on counter-mobility tasks by providing engineer construction support to the Miramar Snake Creek Training area. The 870th Engineer Company dedicated the first four days of annual training to conducting demolitions, breaching, and shotgun ranges, providing training for fellow Soldiers. The 1-111th Aviation Regiment conducted training to prepare for deployment in Support of Operation Enduring Freedom while ensuring the Rear Detachment remained at a high state of readiness to support civilian authorities in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. The 2nd Battalion, 111th Aviation Regiment conducted air traffic control training to ensure its Soldiers were prepared to conduct airfield operations in support of the federal or state missions.

The 44th Civil Support Team (CST) became the first CST in the nation to receive the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation Scope of Accreditation for meeting the Threat Agent Testing Laboratory Program requirements. They also provided radiation nuclear detection support to the Daytona International Speedway and numerous sporting venues throughout the state. The 44th and 48th CSTs worked with agencies nationwide to make the citizens of Florida safer from the threat of Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) terrorism. They worked more than 30 real-world missions around the state to include the annual NASCAR races in Homestead and Daytona, numerous bowl games, marathons, and the Invictus Games in Orlando. The 107th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment provided public affairs support during two hurricanes in addition to continuous command information support.

Special Operations Detachment - Central exercised its principle mission by running a Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force. The unit also sent two groups to the Gryphon Group Mobile Force Protection Course in North Carolina, where they trained on Asymmetrical Threat Survivability Program, Level I-IV Combat Driving, Green-on-Blue Threat, Close Proximity Gunfights, the AK47 Assault Rifle, Proactive Threat Avoidance, and Operational Trauma Management.