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Col. Rafael Ribas - Commander, 53rd IBCT
Command Sgt. Maj. Virgil Robinson - CSM, 53rd IBCT

Year in Review - 2015

The missions of the 53rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team (IBCT) are focused on supporting the nation and the state. The federal mission of the IBCT is to mobilize, execute battle focused post mobilization training, deploy to a theater of operations and conduct successful combat operations as assigned. The mission of the brigade for the state of Florida is to deploy as an IBCT to conduct Defense Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA) in response to civil disturbance, disasters and other events as directed; to be prepared to provide command and control and sustain a 500 Soldier Military Assistance for Civil Disturbance (MACDIS) Quick Reaction Force (QRF).

In the past year, the brigade has executed and participated in various training exercises throughout the state and nation specializing in preparing each and every Soldier for combat operations within their specific specialties.

Second Battalion,124th Infantry Regiment (2-124th) mobilized to Fort Bliss, Texas, to execute training for an upcoming deployment to the Horn of Africa to perform security operations. Their three-week premobilization training was conducted at Camp Blanding Joint Training Center (CBJTC) by 1st Battalion, 124th (1-124th) Infantry Regiment, proving once again the versatility and self-sustainability of the 53rd IBCT. First Battalion’s participation in 2-124th’s pre-mobilization training was crucial not only to enhance and prepare its sister battalion, but also to prepare 1st Battalion for its upcoming mobilization to the Horn of Africa.

Additionally 1-124th, joined by 2-124th, the 116th Field Artillery Regiment, and the 53rd Brigade Special Troops Battalion (BSB), participated in the Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC) rotation 15-06 at Fort Polk, La., where they served as opposing forces for active duty units in various combat training exercises. Additionally, the 53rd BSB conducted annual training at Camp Dodge, Iowa, in preparation for its upcoming mission to South America. This type of annual training allowed each of the individual companies opportunities to practice their unique skillsets in varying environments. While other companies completed training requirements, Company C performed real-world missions at the local Veteran Affairs Hospital.

The 1st Battalion, 153rd (1-153rd) Cavalry Regiment continued what the brigade started during last year’s eXportable Combat Training Capability (XCTC) program by performing as the opposing force during Vanguard Focus, the 4th IBCT, 3rd Infantry Division’s exercise at Fort Stewart, Ga. The training was specifically designed to simulate the scenarios units encounter during a JRTC rotation. The 1-153rd also responded to the need of the brigade by preparing and mobilizing Bravo Troop in 60 days to augment 2-124th Infantry Regiment for its deployment to the Horn of Africa.

The brigade as a whole conducted a command post exercise in order to train leaders on the threedimensional nature of unified land operations. Since the Army has shifted towards uniform land operations doctrine from a counter insurgency based doctrine, continuous training and performing rehearsals allows commanders to showcase how unified land operations work in support of major operations. Training such as this ensures our forces remain the most prepared.