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Interested in working for the Federal Government? Advance your career by searching through the Federal Government's largest online jobs portal managed by U.S. Office Personnel Management (OPM). OPM works in several broad categories to recruit, retain and honor a world-class workforce for the American people.​​ Applications for this vacancy announcement will only be accepted electronically through the USAJOBS website. USA Staffing is a completely web based system for federal employees offering all the current hiring flexibilities, powered by the latest technology, backed by the expertise of the OPM and the National Guard Bureau (NGB). Automated Staffing allows you to apply for jobs online within a paperless system instead of preparing and submitting hard copy applications to the Human Resources Office. To view more details about a vacancy, please select the position​​​ name ​or click on link to be directed to USAJob​s.

FMS #8, Lake City  FL Enlisted-E8 and below only31 Jan 201823 February 2018
125th LRS, Jacksonville, FLOfficer - O1-O4 only2 February 201828 February 2018
AASF #1, Jacksonville, FLWarrant Officer - W1-W3 only8 February 20186 March 2018
125th LGR SQ, Jacksonville, FLEnlisted - E5 to E7 only8 February 20186 March 2018
FMS #11, St. Augustine, FLEnlisted, Warrant Officer or Officer - SFC/E7-MAJ/O49 February 20187 March 2018
AASF #1, Jacksonville, FLEnlisted - E5 and below14 February 20189 March 2018